What's the difference between Resin Bonded & Resin Bound? 

Our resin bonded products are laid by scattering the aggregate (the coloured gravel used to finish the resin look) onto already laid resin which gives it a rougher feel which is extremely anti-slip and hence perfect for landscaping and pathways

Resin bound is the more popular product of the two as the resin and gravel are mixed together before being applied to the prepared surface.  This creates a flawlessly smooth finish and is less exposed to the elements meaning it's more durable and therefore perfect for driveways and heavier trafficked areas.


What areas do you cover?


We design and install resin driveways, paths and patios in Harrogate, Leeds, Wetherby, Otley and throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire.

How much does resin cost?

Resin is a notoriously cost effective way to not only transform your property but to future proof the look and feel.  Each project is priced individually however because we're a small, local company we are able to keep our costs down by not investing in large showrooms.  We also have a fantastic relationship with our key suppliers. 

How quickly can resin be laid?

The speed is all dependant on the quality and stability of the ground we're laying resin onto.  There will always be an element of preparatory work however in the best case scenarios, once the ground as been prepped 2 men can lay roughly 30m2 in around 2-3 hours.  This is a generalisation and every project is different however this gives you an idea of how quickly we can work on a good day!

"We purposefully work very hard to

keep our costs down so

that we can pass our

savings onto our customers." 

Ginny Nicholls

Director & Project Manager

What happens if there's a problem with my resin?

We work tirelessly with our customers to make sure that we bring their visions to life both quickly and with the upmost care.  We will only lay resin if we feel the surface is correct and the outside temperature is optimum to ensure we provide the best quality finishes however, we appreciate that sometimes accidents such as oil spills happen and the elements can turn quickly due to living in the U.K!  With this in mind we will work with you to resolve and concerns or queries you have before, during and after the resin has been installed.

Will the colour of my resin fade in time?

As a natural course all resin apart from our Resin Pro option will fade slightly over time due to exposure to UV rays.  All our Resin Pro products come with a Lifetime Colourlock Guarantee that ensures that your resin stays as bright as the day it was laid!

How do I maintain my resin?

One of the biggest advantages of resin driveways, patios and pathways is the ease of the maintenance.  We've put together a handy guide that gives you all the information you need to be able to do this from the immediate point after installation through to ongoing care.  Click the link below to find out more:

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressur

Resin After Care & Maintenance Guide