Resin Pricing




We take a simple, 3 step approach to our clients project pricing -

Survey, Measure, Calculate.


There are 2 parts to our survey process, firstly assessing any external influences that add to the complexity of the project.  These can include:


  • Stubborn tree roots 

  • Bespoke patterns and bordering 

  • Any drainage issues 

  • Any additional works such as lighting and stone work

Secondly, there are two ways we can go about laying resin which we have explained below, each with their own approximate price ranges:

1.)  Overlay onto Tarmac/Concrete


If a customer currently has a driveway in either concrete or tarmac that is in perfect condition then occasionally we can overlay resin onto this.  It's worth noting that approximately only 1 in 50 potential projects that we survey fall into this category.  


The approximate costings for this method are between £65 and £85 per square metre.


2.)  Excavation & Relay of Tarmac/Concrete Plus Resin


If a customer has anything other than a tarmac or concrete driveway we will need to excavate the area, lay concrete/tarmac and then lay the resin over the top of the newly laid surface.


Due to the additional works required for this step, the man power and materials required are significantly larger scale.


The approximate costings for this method are between £125 - £175 per square metre.  


Often clients are unsure of the size of the area they want us to survey so we have created this handy picture guide to provide you with a rough idea of the size of your drive.


Please note, all driveways are different and this should be used as a rough guide only


A family house driveway that fits 2 cars is generally around 30 sqm


Based on our ball park cost ranges and using our example of a family house with a 2 car driveway the cost of a resin driveway would be the following:

Option 1.) Overlay onto Existing Tarmac:

£60 + VAT - £80 + VAT x 30 sqm = £1,800 - £2,400 + VAT

Option 2.)  Excavation & Relay of Tarmac/Concrete Plus Resin:

£125 + VAT - £175 x 30 + VAT sqm = £3,750 - £5,250 + VAT

Disclaimer: All projects are priced bespoke to their requirements and this is to provide a guide only.