Resin Maintenance

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressur

One of the main reasons resin is a great investment for your driveway, patio or outside area is because it's naturally extremely low maintenance.  However, there are still steps you can take to ensure you're doing everything you can to make sure your resin stays looking as good as new!

Below we take you through the steps from immediately after you've had your resin laid to ongoing care and attention.

Post Resin Laying


Immediate Treatment

Once the resin has been laid it's important to try and not expose it to any chemicals.  Whilst our products are extremely hardy, to ensure the resin sets correctly and without blemishes make sure chemicals are kept at bay. 


Blemishes can also be caused by objects being laid on the resin too quickly or from animals paws so it's important to keep your furry friends at a distance until the resin is completely set.

Ongoing Maintenance 


If your resin driveway, patio or pathway is subject to being covered in falling leaves it's important to clean them up quickly because if they are left to rot then the colour from the leaves can sometimes begin to mark your resin.

To remove leaves and general garden waste a normal brush can be used.  In the instances where leaves have been left too long then a jetwash can be used to get rid of the tougher stains. 


Jet Washing Guide


  • Always use cold water  

  • The machine itself must be no stronger than 150 bar rating

  • Hold the nozzle 200mm from the resin surface

  • Use a fan shaped nozzle

Chemical Guide

Oil & Fuel - Whilst these sound like they'd be impossible to clean up, with a bit of elbow grease, some warm water and cleanser such as washing up liquid you should be able to remove any spillages.  For the toughest stains, leave the detergent to settle in for a few minutes and then jet wash off.

Brake Fluid - Unlike oil and fuel, break fluid is extremely corrosive to resin.  It's essential that if there is a spillage it's cleaned up immediately with warm water.

Weed Killer - All our resin products are weed resistant and treated with weed killer when laid however in the very rare instance where weeds do begin to grow because of seeds being dropped by animals a mild weed killer can be applied.  If you only have a strong weed killer then make sure you water it down as strong weed killer can sometimes discolour resin.

Salt - In extreme weather salt can be used to prevent ice on resin however your resin should be washed down afterwards to remove any left over traces.


Chewing Gum - It's not quite a chemical but should this sticky nuisance make it's way onto your drive you can apply a freeze spray to first harden it and then use a normal ice scraper to remove it.