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"For us the resin process is about designing and creating something our customers can be proud of." 

Mark Johnston 

Director & Senior Resin Technician

At The Resin Drive Company we don't just like to create spaces that look great, we also provide solutions to your property problems.

For some of our customers the designing and laying of a resin product is purely to improve the aesthetics of their property however for others it is a solution to a bigger problem.  Here's a few of the examples of the types of problems we can help our customers solve with our premium resin products:

Can't find a design you like in traditional tarmac or pathing?

Resin provides one of the most flexible design options out there for driveawys, paths and landscaping.  Both our resin bonded and resin bound products come in a vast array of colours and sizes meaning we can find the perfect choice to both complement and modernise your property.  We can also create bespoke designs and logos within the resin ensuring a finish that is unique to you and your taste.

Is your current driveway or footpath treacherous because of overgrown moss, rain or ice?

Our resin bonded product is a low cost option to a serious slip problem due to the way it's laid leaving a rough-to-the touch finish - perfect for pathways but not suitable for driveways.  Our resin bound products have a smooth-to-the touch finish but are laid using anti-slip resin, the ideal solution for driveways, patios and commercial premises

Gravel driveway proving a nuisance for your family? 

A gravel path or drive can prove to be a pain for families as they're difficult to manoeuvre anything with wheels on. Resin bound pathways and driveways are a family-friendly solution that's perfect for push chairs, children's bikes, skateboards and everything in between.

Are you constantly having to remove weeds and clean your current driveway, patio or outside area?

All our resin options are weed resistant and extremely low maintenance meaning they'll look brilliant for years to come with little input from you.

Are you suffering from poor exterior drainage? 

Our resin bound products are permeable which means they lend themselves perfectly to allowing water to naturally drain away.

Want to create a wet room that's anti-slip?

Wet rooms are a great addition to any home but can prove slippy due to the choice of tiled flooring.  Resin is a great option to help solve this slippery problem!

Looking for a suitable floor for your home gym?

Resin is not exclusive to outside projects - it's also a great option for creating a professional grade flooring solution for your home gym.

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